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Ferns’ Edge is a Farmstead Dairy, committed to using organic practices and certified feeds.

The term “Farmstead Dairy” has a specific and important meaning. Only dairies that produce their own milk from animals on their own land are truly Farmstead Dairies.

For those folks who really care about the origin and quality of their food, it is good to know that Farmstead milk products come from a single known source, not like some creameries which purchase milk in random batches from elsewhere and ship in to process. Farmstead products are freshest and can guarantee a more consistent quality.

Our Mt Zion Dairy Goat herd has been selectively bred for over 35 years, and our goats happily give milk of the most wonderful flavor and highest nutritional value. We sell the freshest raw goat milk, and create small batch Farmstead Artisan cheeses.

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