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Gold Award


Winner 2015 World Cheese GOLD Award.

Our unique tasty and tangy gouda style. Also - Cumin Goata.

"Mt. Chanterelle" Chèvre

Winner 2013 World Good Foods Competition BRONZE.

Cultured goat milk, wildcrafted chanterelle mushrooms, organic garlic,
vegetable rennet and salt.

Mt. Chanterelle 5.5-6 oz pyramid
Mt. Chanterelle Round 4.50 oz

Silver Award

"Mt. Zion" Raw Alpine Style

Winner 2012 World Good Foods Competition SILVER.

Cultured Raw Goat Milk Cheese Aged 6-8 months, 3.5 to 4 lbs per wheel - available by the wheel, or cut and wrapped.

"Mt June" Manchego Style Goat Cheese

Cultured goat milk, vegetable rennet, lypase & salt.

New! "Cariño" - (Spanish for Sweetie)

Pasteurized and aged a minimum of 1 month

New! "Mt. Thielson" Compte Style

Raw cultured Alpine goat cheese.


With a velvety texture and slightly less salt.

Chèvre - an assortment of soft cheeses, savory or sweet.
Purely Plain Chèvre 4.5 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz

Cultured goat milk, vegetable rennet and salt.

Pesto Chèvre 5.5 - 6 oz pyramid

Cultured goat milk, organic basil & olive oil, pine nuts, our own Mt Zion cheese, garlic, vegetable rennet & salt.

Savory Herb Chèvre Logs 4.50 oz
Dill Spread  •  Herb/Garlic  •  Cumin/Garlic  •  Herbs de Provence
Green Onion  •  Spicy Southwest  •  Smoky Habanero Chèvre

Cultured goat milk, vegetable rennet, herbs & salt.

New Flavor! Ferns Edge Za'atar

Cultured goat milk, thyme, oregano, marjoram, sumac, cumin, black pepper, sesame seeds, vegetable rennet & salt.

Sweet Chèvre Logs 4.50 oz
New Flavor! Vanilla Bean Chèvre

Cultured goat milk, vanilla bean, honey, vanilla extract, vegetable rennet & salt.

New Flavor! Lavender Chèvre

Cultured goat milk, lavender buds, honey, lemon, vegetable rennet & salt.

Fig Walnut Chèvre

Cultured goat milk, organic figs, walnuts, honey, spices, vegetable rennet & salt.

Blueberry Ginger Chèvre

Cultured goat milk, organic blueberries & ginger, organic candied ginger, vegetable rennet & salt.

Apricot Hazelnut Chèvre

Cultured goat milk, apricots, hazelnuts, honey, vegetable rennet & salt.

Pear Anise Chèvre 5.5 - 6 oz tubs

Cultured goat milk, organic pears, organic anise seed, vegetable rennet & salt.

Seasonal Chèvre Specialties
Strawberry Hazelnut (Organic)- Summer
Cranberry-Orange Walnut - Winter - Now Available!
Chocolate/Cherry w/ Amaretto - Winter