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Our commitment is a labor of love.

Ferns' Edge Mt. Zion Dairy Goats have been selectively bred for over 35 years to produce a herd with consistently superb and redeeming dairy qualities.

Bred and tended since the '70's by their owner/partners Shari Reyna and Fred Warner, for all of these years, the herd has been registered with the American Dairy Goat Association, on DHIA test for milk production, and appraised for conformation correctness.

You won’t find lots of show wins here; unlike some herds, showing has never been our highest priority. We strive for balance; good production and long lactations combined with excellent type . . . and show in only a few, fairly local shows. What we DO have is records; we’ve been on milk test for almost thirty years (never a dry period) and started appraising (classification) the first year it was offered in the Northwest.

Over the decades, some of our Mt. Zion Alpine goats were exported as superior milking stock to Taiwan, Mexico, Canada, & Puerto Rico as well as within the U.S.

We’ve been committed to breeding a dairy goat that is strong, healthy, productive and . . . makes our hearts sing! We are truly gratified that we’ve been rewarded with some degree of recognition from the rest of the “goat world,” but our greatest satisfaction comes from having achieved our own visions. No, there is no perfect goat and we won’t pretend that we’ve reached that lofty goal (after all, the joy is in the journey) but we have reached a standard of quality and consistency.

Here is our beautiful Bee Sweet, showing some of the best qualities.